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“My care at DISC was absolutely top of the line. All the nurses and staff were very attentive to every detail of my stay and recovery.”
Dennis, June 2012
“I have been hospitalized many times and had many operations in my life. Never have I received anything close to the quality of care and caring that I received at your facility. Kudos!”
Glen, March 2012
“This team of highly skilled nurses and personnel treat you so well from the time you walk in until you leave. A really superb experience.”
Ray, April 2012
“Incredible care and facility. After five years of searching for help I’, pleased that I have found a group of doctors who have identified the source of my pain and delivering resolutions. Thank you.”
James, March 2012
“I felt very safe and cared for. The staff was very knowledgeable and kind. I’ve never had an IV started so easily!”
Jennifer, March 2012
“If it is possible to say surgery was actually an enjoyable experience, this would be the time. Nurses were great, surgical room was modern, bright, clean. So thankful for Dr. Bray.”
Daniel, February 2012
“If the place looks clean enough to eat off the floors, then I’m pretty sure it’s clean enough for an outpatient procedure.”
Greg, February 2012
“Dr. Bray and his staff are incredible medical professionals. This was my first time having surgery and I couldn’t imagine my experience being any better than it was. Thank you!”
Sean, August 2012
“This is my second surgery with Dr. Bray this year. He is an amazing surgeon based on the very short recovery time on my first surgery and with my second surgery on 10/4/12. I feel only two weeks out I am ready for physical therapy to begin already! We are truly fortunate to have Dr. Bray! Everyone employed at DISC is first class! Thank you!”
Tina, October 2012
"I was very very pleased with everyone that took care of me and the doctors that did the surgery. Dr. Kim and Vicki were outstanding.”
Angel, October 2012
“I was by far the best care ever possible.”
Roberto, November 2012
“As fas I am concerned, Dr. Binder is one of the finest and most caring doctors who has ever treated me, and I know you to be dedicated to giving the absolute best care to all of your patients.”
Kelly, November 2012
“I highly recommend this facility to spine patients. It’s much cleaner and upgraded than hospitals. The bed is the most comfortable I have every been in.”
Kathy, November 2012
“By choosing DISC, I expected good quality medical care, but even then, my experience far surpassed my expectations. What I received was absolute platinum care by the trained professionals and kind real people.”
Tracy, November 2012
“In a time of great turmoil and uncertainty in health care in our country, DISC has figured it out. Their care and attention to detail are second to none.”
Kendra, December 2012
“The facility was state of the art. The staff was outstanding. Other than the fact I had neck surgery the experience could not have been better."
Rick, January 2013
“BRAVO! The staff was outstanding – their positive attitudes made me feel at ease. The facility was immaculate! Every possibility from check-in, to pre-op, to operation, to post-op was on time and properly handled.”
Georgia, December 2012
“Excellent attention and information”
David, January 2013
“I arrive at DISC lying flat in our station wagon, I left sitting in the front seat. The DISC team (doctors, nurses, support) was very attentive, positive and comforting. Awesome team!"
John, February 2013